Jeeway Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Its sad to see the place where I have spent so many evenings contemplating the meaning of life now covered in blood and body parts.

Anyways, some sound bites of people I spoke to at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi sufi shrine after the suicide blasts there a couple hours ago (some in English, some Urdu).

Eyewitness 1 (Urdu):


Eyewitness 2 (Urdu). He didn’t see the blast himself, but arrived soon after: 


Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh Interior Minister (English)


Ahsan Iqbal Zaidi, Sindh Secretary for Auqaf & Zakat (English):

And here is a video (don’t worry, there’s no blood or anything in this):


4 thoughts on “Jeeway Abdullah Shah Ghazi

  1. Yeah this is bad. What can we do? There are cells of these little juvenile fanatics in our city. When will our government go after the voodoo priests who make these little screwballs.Anyway glad to see you post Mr Desmukh. May I ask where I can hear the rest of your report?Thanks.

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