Flood preparations in Kala Dhaka

A friend whose family is living in the Kala Dhaka area of Mansehra district tells me that the Frontier Constabulary has now left the area after completing its search operation, and the the road and boat links have finally been reopened.

But now they have to worry about the risk of the area being flooded if the Attabad Lake in Hunza bursts (as it is scheduled to do any day now). Last week some residents apparently received hoax phone calls telling them that the flood was arriving in a matter of hours, so some families ran to the mountains to seek higher ground. Although they eventually returned after being assured of safety, they still live in fear as they await the flood water.

According to my friend, the only preparation made so far by the government is to set up twenty tents in the mountains.

(For some excellent on-the-ground coverage of the Attabad Lake crisis check out the Pamir Times).


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