Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s latest pearl of wisdom


So I can’t let this slip by. The Jang/Geo group’s columnist and superstar Islamic televangelist Amir Liaquat Hussain (sorry you won’t be able to view the link in Pakistan without using a proxy server) has been campaigning against facebook for quite some time. But he has outdone himself in his latest Urdu column in the Jang.

He really seems to have lost his mind now. He thinks that the letter ‘f’ is a secret symbol representing the Christian cross. He writes (my translation):

Have you ever wondered why the ‘f’ in ‘facebook’ is not capitalised as ‘F’? The answer: how else then would the cross (saleeb) be formed?!

Remember that this guy used to be the State Minister for Religious Affairs of Pakistan, and was the embodiment of “enlightened moderation” during General Musharraf’s rule.

Further in the column he gets down and dirty with the raw numbers:

According to the BBC, there are a total of 469,221,000 users of facebook around the world, and its income is over a billion dollars, which means they earn an average of two and a half dollars per user. From Pakistani users, therefore, they earn approximately $5,631,282, whereas applying the rate of 47.5%, all Muslim countries combined “gift” facebook with about $517,100,000.

Please take note! Instead of repeatedly clicking on this fiendish website, if we all just close our accounts and stop visiting it altogether, then these worshippers of wealth will be forced to lick the ground.

Atrocious mathematics…


12 thoughts on “Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s latest pearl of wisdom

  1. A Daily Express column has all sorts of random numbers too about how we’re hurting FB financially by banning it. How do they come up with these figures> Do they just see how high they can count?

  2. If you try to create an ad on Facebook that targets Pakistani users 18 and up, it says your ad reach will be about two million. Given that Facebook claims to have over 400 million active users (on their press page), that comes out to roughly 0.5%. According to several analysts, including the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will make somewhere between $1.1 and $2 billion in revenue in 2010 (that’s $3.3 to $5.5 million a day).If Pakistanis click or view ads at the same proportion as other visitors, that means Pakistanis are responsible for maybe $6 million a year in revenue. Compared with $3.3 millon a day, that’s nothing.

  3. Something thats interesting here is not what they are making from Pakistan. Pakistan as initiated an idea, what if they do so again and 5-10 islamic countries decide to do what Pakistan has done and FB gets bans in more Islamic countries? The numbers can ad up and go really high.For everyone who thinks Govt hasn’t made good decision do they want Govt to say no to courts?

  4. I have a PhD in Maths… And I clearly had the wrong supervisor… Dr sahab where were you 6 years ago ??? "Jahil Aadmi"

  5. Thanks Faried for the back of envelope calculation. I wish someone would explain this to the people who think this ban will hurt facebook!

  6. Imagine, Sohail, that there are a hundred people in a room, and three of them begin to abuse you. Instead of trying to stand up to them you decide to leave the room. Will they stop abusing you in your absence? No. Will the 96 other occupants be affected by your leaving? Unlikely.So, why not stay instead, and try to air your views? You probably won’t convince the three to stop, but maybe you can persuade some of the other 96 to see things your way.That’s the difference between engaging others, and isolating yourself. Facebook is just a gathering location where you have as much right to speak as the ones who abuse you. Note that it’s not just Facebook that’s blocked — it’s also flickr, youtube, and several other sites. Some ISPs blocked all of blogger, twitter and wikipedia for over 24 hours. I read somewhere that over a thousand URLs or entire sites are blocked. Next year, who knows — maybe it’ll be five thousand.Who did the boycott help? Not us. Now "they" know how easy it is to manipulate us into reacting. We showed them the way, by acting the way we did. What will happen on May 20, 2011? Will there be another round of blocks, and call for boycotts? Will large segments of the internet stop working properly for most users? Because of the Youtube block, VU students couldn’t watch their lectures. Was it worth it?

  7. No wonder they call him Jahil Online – he was the one who had a few people killed because of his TV Sermoning – and I cannot begin to forget his analysis of the cricket team failure linked to them wearing Green Shoes > which is the color of Islam > and hence they degraded Islam ! such a PHd in Islam is probably from the Victor College he bought the degree from !!!The calculations he makes about facebook loss in Pakistan – is waaaaaay out of proportions – a Click Thru Rate for advertising in pakistan hovers between 0.05 – 0.07 cents. On a busy day you could get $20 worth of clicks and only a few handful of local compaines advertise regularly and as well a few mom-n-pop facebook pages add to the mixed tail – The Pakistani population on facebook which is the total registered accounts is 2 million or 20 lac – barely 0.5% of the entire facebook population if im not mistake we could be looking at an ad market revenue loss of less then $1000 a day if not lesser, and im lumping all the campaigns into one hoping for a great click thru rate and CTC percentage. The more facebook is used the more /ad-blindness increases/ which means that the more you use the page you start ignoring those annoying ads and consequentially click far lesser of the times. So its time to send Jahil Online to a Mathematics school for his mail-to-order degree in mathematics – as Islam he knows little offGod save us from these mindless people, who preach whatever comes to their minds

  8. Forget the millions and billions you so falmboyantly talk about – its closer to the lower end of thousands if not a bit more moi dear TV-Mullah

  9. matter is of blasphemy…disrespect and abusing our HOLY PROPHET PBUH…leaving amir or anyone who is saying to block FB , YT and focusing only on irrelevant matters etc i want to raise a point friends… people are out on streets because someone else has abused our PROPHET, disrespect HIM….so what respect truly means to us…only to stand up when someone else abuse HIM…why not we yell out when we dont follow him in each n every field of life.. think again each n every moment what we do, HIS name is written on muddy walls by so called Islamic parties….how come that does not fall in to the category of disrespect….why we expect loyalty and respect from non muslims for our PROPHET..when we ourselves do not respect HIM in real sense of words….. n one more thing shutting down FB is just a step but not a solution….they wont even have dared it if we have not let them doing that….why holocaust denial is a crime in Europe??? they bent them to make it so…and we are just grown beggars…we let them to disgrace our PROPHET..its not they who are culprit…its we, its me..it you….

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